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Innovative technology Surface Mount Pick Up System Original Technology "SMPU System"

Acoustic Sound Enhancer

Our original technology “SMPU system” makes a total difference in the world of natural sound

Compromise has been an inevitable part of conventional electric acoustic guitar sounds that are amplified electrically and lack acoustic feeling, atmosphere and presence. Those are the sound of “an electric acoustic guitar with UNNATURAL sound”. To make up for this point, countless numbers of preamplifiers and pickups have been released in the market. But in most cases they are of “USPU system”, which are to be placed under the saddle of a guitar, and require supplemental pickups to be combined with them, and yet they are far from solving the conventional problems in a true sense.

USPU (Under Saddle Pick Up) system with a pickup placed under the saddle. This is “electric acoustic guitar with UNNATURAL sound” that lacks acoustic feeling, atmosphere and presence.

※USPU system is the pioneer of the history and evolution of electric acoustic guitars. Nevertheless there has never been any innovation in the style.

For sure, USPU system is ideal in the sense that it never disfigures the look of an acoustic guitar, and at the same time under the saddle has been thought to be the best place to capture the vibration of the strings.

Original Technology
"SMPU System" Surface Mount Pick Up System

Then we, Katayama guitar, adopted an innovational sound system named SMPU (Surface Mount Pick Up) to improve the sound characteristics. This idea, to place the pickup elsewhere, was unprecedented in the history of electric acoustic guitar.

For classic guitars

For steel strings guitars

As can be seen in the picture, Katayama SMPU is mounted on the surface.


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